About Us

About Autolink

Autolink is a professional fastener trade company in Taiwan, established in August, 2011. (Set up and invested by Ming Hui Sheng (MHS) Enterprise Co., Ltd).

Autolink is composed of the Ming Hui Sheng Enterprise and other fastener manufacturers invited by Ming Hui Sheng. These fastener manufacturers are current qualified subcontractors of Taiwan main fastener factories (also exporters). In order to sustain business establishment, complete in the market and offer a direct service to foreign customers, Autolink is the marketing center, providing a comprehensive range of fasteners.

We have more than ten years experience in the field. We are also familiar with not only standard fastener specifications but also hold a deep knowledge of professional techniques in the automobile field such as FORD, GM, CHRYSLER, VW, BMW, NISSAN, etc.

We have worked with numerous clients as an experienced supplier for many years. In addition, products are customized to match customer demand, for example OEM. According to unique specifications provided in customer design, Autolink produces and manufactures the required products. Furthermore, Autolink is able to design special merchandise for customers, to satisfy their needs, and reach a 100% reliable and precise service.

Autolink has become a leading provider for customers to purchase goods in Taiwan, particularly offering a one-stop service in procurement management. This shortens the search time for suppliers, volume or delivery service and increases customer competitiveness. We are able to fulfill the goal of ‘win-win’ supply and demand.